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Bloodstone by PrestonH
So yeah, I drew this a while ago when Steven Universe basically took over my life after I finally caved and started watching the show. S/he is my gemsona, Bloodstone. 

Name/Gem: Bloodstone
Pronouns: She/her
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: Courageous, reckless, suspicious, a bit vicious, relatively decent, secretly very nurturing
Sexuality: Pansexual and Panromantic 
Gem Location: Just below the throat
Weapon: Executioner's Blade (with a bit of a LOTR flair in the flared tips) 
Age: N/A
Current Residence: Earth
Relationships: None currently
Other Powers: Bloodstone's blade can change its size and weight at will, at least up to a certain point. So that she can use the power to its fullest the strength of her 'physical' body is tremendous, making her devastating in battle... and a little clumsy in everyday life. 
Other info: 
-Bloodstone spent a lot of her time on earth fighting corrupted gems with little knowledge of mainstream gem (or even human) society. Thanks to that she's more used to battling than she is living an everyday normal life, leading to her issues with trust and sympathy. Getting on her good side though, will land you an exceptionally protective new friend. 
-She has a weak spot for injured earth creatures, especially if she sees them bleeding. She'll often go to extreme lengths to patch up injuries, even if they are relatively minor as far as the creature involved is concerned. 


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Nother silly little poem thing that I happened to write for another site

"The horsemen three
Wild and free
They ride the winds
From end to end
In search of home and country

The horsemen three
Wild and free
From shore to shore
For days and more
They search for home and country

The horsemen three
Wild and free
Never do they tarry
Never do they weary
May they find their home and country"

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